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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

PalmOne to Become Palm. Two years and two spinoffs later, the hand-held computer company that made its name with the Palm Pilot is changing its name back to Palm. By By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. [NYT > Technology]
When Palm "Spin" itself off into PalmSource and PalmOne, I criticized them for leaving behind the Palm name (they real brand). Now, after years of diluting and diminishing that brand they want it back, but furthermore they are paying money to the pit that is PalmSource in order to get it... Why did PalmSource kept the name? The genius who thought this up (the one that just left) knew that company would need help financially. The only reason shareholders are not upset is they don't know about these shenanigans.
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Nokia's Linux Handheld [Slashdot:]
What a strangely limited thing! It we could cross it with an N-Gage we may start something. Why would Nokia make something that is not a phone? Why won't it play games? What are we really going to use it for? Too many mysteries...
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A Front-Runner at Microsoft, but There's No Race Yet. There is no heir apparent at Microsoft, but an executive who oversees server products has been singled out as a likely front-runner among the next generation of leaders. By By STEVE LOHR. [NYT > Technology]
Another nothing-but-positive article on Microsoft. The second one in as many days. Are journalist blind, deaf and dumb or on the payroll?
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Liverpool win Champions League. Liverpool win the Champions League after beating AC Milan in a penalty shoot-out in Istanbul. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
What a sad day and year for Milan. No titles despite a wonderful entertainment play. They lost the spirit, they were tired. Too many games, too little glory. Now they just have to reorganized and wait for next year... Real Madrid, I think, is in much worse shape having lost its course completely. Ferrari is a mess... Not much of a year for me in sports...
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I have used Skipe a couple of times and I think it is very good. Never the less the company will fail. I know many people, including me, whose credit card was rejected. Also, Skipe doesn't accept the same credit card to be used on more than one account. Now, let's analyze this. How much does it cost to Skipe if someone makes a phone call and then it gets a Charge back? A few bucks, they are rejecting real clients for the fear of losing some money. But furthermore, they can protect themselves and reduce their risk by taking simple measures, like having a wait period or call the people that subscribe and then try to use the whole amount immediately. This is a permanent service. It's something people want to keep. At any rate, they should fix this problem, because tehy are making a mistake (False negatives), that they really should avoid. It reminds me of the time I told my partners at Patilla.com: "I have bad news, we have only had one fraudulent in ten thousand credit card transactions," Someone said: "That sounds like great news" and I answered: "No, it probably means we have rejected hundreds of real clients." Nobody is perfect, but you really need to chose which side of the error you want to fall on...
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