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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What's behind all the rumors about Apple? According to those, Apple is about to create a Video Store a la iTunes, a Video iPod to see those movies, change processors to Intel (yeah, right), and come out with a Tablet PC. This could be a ruse to get people to go to WWDC, or it could be misdirection from Apple. Maybe they are coming with something so revolutionary that a subscription service for iTunes will be consider Ho-hum.
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"A professor of biology at Indiana University claimed that the female orgasm was only for fun"
[From Harper's Weekly]
Dibs on the result that the male orgasm is only for fun. Where do I send the paper? It will be very short, but it is based on extensive testing...
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Your chance to meet Bill Gates. Microsoft is soliciting essays about people using Windows computers to pursue a passion or hobby; prizes include chance to meet Gates. [CNET News.com]
In other news, the Empire is soliciting essays about people using the Force (Dark Side only) to pursue a passion or hobby, prizes include meeting the Emperor (formerly known as senator Palpatine). Extra points will be given to cases where bolt lightning is used or a loved one is betrayed "for its own good". Other prizes include a visit to a slave mine in Tattooine, a laser sable designed by Darth Vader, and a complete make over substituting any missing parts in your body.
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