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Monday, May 23, 2005

Apple to use Intel chips?.

In other Apple news, over on Slashdot, they are pointing to a Wall Street Journal report that Apple is going to be using Intel chips in future products (Apple's spokesperson said this is rumor, though, and wouldn't comment).

I've been hearing this one for a while too. But, I don't want to say anything because then Steve Jobs might sue me to find out my sources.

But, seriously, if this is true, then it raises a whole lot of questions. The first of which will be "could I run Windows natively on an Apple computer in the future?"

[Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

This makes so little sense is not even funny. It was probably put out by Intel that must be desperately after Apple as a client. Look at them... Who do they have left? boring, "me too", companies. Apple does not have to move to another CPU now. They have decent speeds in the G5. They need a processor for laptops, but an Intel ain't it... The G4 is still as powerful and Apple can explore putting two in there. Doing a whole big change to solve this makes as much sense as a Water cooled laptop. I bet we see this fizzle very quickly.
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News: PalmSource CEO steps down. Following in the footsteps of its former parent company, PalmSource Inc. is parting ways with its first chief executive officer and will be headed by an executive within the company on an interim basis as it searches for a replacement, the handheld OS provider announced Monday. [Macworld]

My take on this: The rats are leaving the ship... Soon we'll find out the ship is actually sinking.
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Paris Hilton Cellphone Hack.

The inside story behind the hacking of Paris Hilton's T-Mobile cell phone.

Good paragraph:

"This was all done not by skilled 'hackers' but by kids who managed to 'social' their way into a company's system and gain access to it within one or two phone calls," said Hallissey, who asked that her current place of residence not be disclosed. "Major corporations have made social engineering way too easy for these kids. In their call centers they hire low-pay employees to man the phones, give them a minimum of training, most of which usually dwells on call times, canned scripts and sales. This isn't unique to T-Mobile or AOL. This has become common practice for almost every company.

How right she is.

[Schneier on Security]

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Got this in an email..."To get a woman you need time and money, hence,

Woman = Time x Money

But everybody knows that "Time is Money," therefore we get the sensible equation

Woman = (Money)^2

And we know from experience that "Money is the root of all problems," thus

Money = SQRT(All Problems)

So, we derive the well known equation:

Woman = All Problems


[Thanks Yorlett]

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