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Saturday, May 21, 2005

In Darth Vader's Family Values the author talks about the political inuendo in the latest of the Satr War Saga... It has been there all the time. But when reading lines like this:

For those Democrats, the signature line in this "Star Wars" is the one spoken after the chancellor, citing security threats, consolidates his power by declaring that the republic must become an empire. Senator Padmé listens to her colleagues cheer and says, "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause."

All I can think is Chavez and Venezuela. Someone will very likely write a parallel between Chavez, Bush, and Star Wars. All three have used the line "If you are not with me you are against me" and all three have accusation of subverting democratic rules in order to get their ways. Now, the emperor uses both sides of a war to subvert things (he is the higher in command in both the Republic and the separatist forces), Chavez has been accused of fabricating opposition forces or controlling them in one way or another. Can you imagined if it is discover that Bush is allied with Al-Qaeda? That would be huge news... ¿no? I think all parallels have limits.

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Google This: Is Microsoft Still a Bully?. Microsoft is still respected among competitors, but as a result of the antitrust trial, it is not feared the way it used to be. [NYT > Technology]
This is so short sighted. That's exactly what Microsoft would like you to think... They are doing in music the same thing they did in browsers. They want to lock you into their proposition. They have not succeeded, and, if consumer are getting wiser they won't, but only because Microsoft current rivals (at least some of them) know what they are facing and have learned from experience. Look at what Microsoft does to Apple. New version of the OS and Microsoft is silent! Windows Media will not come to the Mac. Office may stagnate again. Why? Because Microsoft only interest is it's monopoly. And Apple has become almost a threat. They need to crush Apple to illegally extend their OS monopoly into a music monopoly. And by the time the press understand this, it may be too late.
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F1: Raikkonen grabs pole. Kimi Raikkonen produced a superb display to snatch provisional pole for the Monaco Grand Prix. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
This is the end of Ferrari as McLaren has recuperated and they have not. They need to change tyres to Michelin and find a way to get Alonso to guarantee the future. But hopes for this season have been decimated... We'll be back...
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