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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Apple is number one in Wired Top 40, Microsoft is number 28. What does that say, Scoble?
Update: My brother points out that a missed the big story here. Sony is not on the list, even though Samsung is number 3!

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Oceanside, Nevada - Totally sweet..

Apple, for years, has stuffed little features into it's OS and has then completely forgotten to tell people about them.

Thank Bob for O'Reilly.

MacDevCenter has 20 Cool Tiger Features You Might Not Have Heard About. For my money the coolest one is the Dictionary lookup.

Flip was pretty geeked to find out that OS X Tiger has a dictionary/thesaurus built in because her parents number two catchphrase is "look it up," right behind "save your pennies." Being a spawn of the Google era, the idea of laboriously thumbing through a dead tree dictionary is only slightly behind the horror of surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse for inducing sheer butt clenching terror in my middle child. So being able to get the Mac to do it for her was pretty cool. I can't really fault her, since I pretty much have my 12 inch G4 with me everywhere (my wife thinks it's weird that I take it in the bathroom. What can I say? She throws away the magazines) and I can't recall the last time I didn't Google or Wikipedia something.

But I digress. Even cooler than being able to use a built-in dictionary is the insanely cool lazy shortcut that Apple never told you about. Put your cursor over any word you want defined and press cmd-opt-d and a little popup will define that word. I haven't found an app yet in which this doesn't work. I'm still geeking out over it.


I have seen most of these, but not the one about putting Dashboard widgets in the main screen, works better than Amnesty, but I hope that program keeps improving. Number 16, the relation between iChat and iTunes, is one of my favorites (eMe show that to me). I even tried to get John Grubber to include it in his list. There is still one that I haven't seen anywhere, that eMe show to me. It is simply new iChat icons designed by Apple, they are very cool. You just ask to change your icon and you'll be taken to a directory with categories and different icons in them. Enjoy!
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Litux Blog - Now I'm really on a mac.

I've being using a 12' powerbook for the past week as my main computer, still on Panther; and after seeing all that Bruno[base ']s being put through with Tiger, think I'll wait at least with for 10.4.1 .

My 15' Acer Laptop is only turned on for playing Sims2 and sometimes to run Soulseek. And every time I open the damn thing, not only I think it's huge but also start looking for the Apple keyboard combinations. Think I won't have a problem switching completely to an apple computer, having by any chance the need to switch back will be the problem ;)

Also it's nice to have a warm laptop on my lap that doesn[base ']t give me a 3 degree burn on my leg, like Acer did.

I would appreciate if anyone could point me to a MS Project substitute ?

Sorry, man, there isn't one. Not a single program that can read those files. This is an issue that neither Open Source Developers nor Apple have been able (or wanted?) to tackle it. It's the only reason I still need a Windows machine at the office, though lately I've been thinking of using the server through Terminal Services (that's what I do with my XP Box anyway).

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This is interesting. CNet's review of the Nokia 7610, the phone I currently use, gives it a rate of 7.3 (out of ten), but the users rated an slightly higher 7.4. The reviewer complaint about how big and heavy the phone is, so I thought, they must hate the (bigger) Treo... Surprise, surprise, the Treo 650 review makes no mention of its size and the review criticizes Treo's camera much less than the 7610, which is much better. To top it all off the 650 gets a whopping score of 8.3, but the users rated at a much lower 6.4, lower than the 7610... What does that say?

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