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Friday, May 13, 2005

I, Cringely On A Momentous Week [Slashdot:]
I don't know, as usual I think Cringely makes too much of too little. I doubt Apple will came out with a Movie service, though living where I lived and having a Mac mini plus EyeTV based "Home Theater" I would love such a service. The new Xbox won't be the media center people wanted it to be. Not with a 20GB hard drive at least. Google Web accelerator is great but not a huge step in Google plans. Apple won't release a Video store this year. It is way too early. If they do I'll upgrade my DSL to 768... je je
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Xbox 360 enclosure reminiscent of iPod, Macs [The Macintosh News Network]
This happens all the time. Apple has revolutionized design several times in the past 7 years or so. Another example of this ripping off Apple of design clues and ideas are the white headphones in the Sony PSP. They are very good headphones (better than Apple's), why did they have to be white? The whole machine is black and looks cool. The headphones should have been black, but Sony couldn't resist the temptation of looking like an iPod wanna-be...
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Language of computer hobbyists hits the big time. PHP and other scripting languages--once considered toys by serious programmers--are entering the world of corporate software development. [CNET News.com]
What? This has been happening for at least three years! What took you so long? I've work in corporations using this languages... CNET really sucks, Why do I keep reading it?
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I just noticed something that made me realized how little I grok where Apple is going with movies. iPhoto has movies listed (from the camera, but you can add others), it doesn't play them, but they are there. Am I supposed to catalog my movies in iPhoto? Well, iTunes 4.8 also list movies, furthermore it can play them (in a tiny window or full screen, but nothing in between it seems). So, maybe I am supposed to put my movies in there. But then there is iMovie (shouldn't that be the name of the movie equivalent of iPhoto and iTunes) and there is Quicktime (a player, but also a collection of codecs)... So, what am I supposed to do with my movies? Put them everywhere? I make them with iMovie, play them with Quicktime and catalog them in both iPhoto and iTunes? Is that it? I don't know...

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