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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Shuffle captures 58 percent of flash players market, says Apple. Apple execs leak out iPod Shuffle market share numbers and claim "stunning results." By clintecker@gmail.com (Clint Ecker). [Ars Technica]

Lots of noise this week in this sector. With Apple gaining 58% of the Flash player market with the shuffle... What happens with those comments from the competition about how "dissapointed" they were with the shuffle and how the custumer wants a screen (and FM player and WMA playback and all those other features they have pointlessly push for years). Apple even said the supply was constrained (meaning the ramp up in production was being outstripped by demand), so it could have been more! Now we have the new iPod Killer (People seem to have realized the PSP wasn't it) in the Nokia N91 phone. Is it a nice phone? You betcha! Do I want one? Is the Pope Catholic? (the old one not the new one) Of course, I do. Is it an iPod killer... No. Not by a long shot. Consumers are used to separating music from the rest so convergence won't come until it is cheap. The iPod is the best way to hear your music and has an ecosystem that is hard to beat. A person paying 500$ for a phone (and if the N91 costs less than that I'm going to be a very happy man), wil pay 2 or 3 hundred for a proper iPod. It simply makes sense.

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The New York Times has an interesting especial about wireless technology. The stuff about celular phones, Voice ove IP, and Wi-Fi are very interesting... Remember when this was something new you had to explain to people? I do! The stuff about future technology is slightly less interesting, since we really don't knwo what will happen... Will some fast version of Wi-Fi beat 3G? Or will we start hearing about 4G before 3G gets implemented in some parts of the US?

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