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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Regarding yesterday's test cases, I got quite a few comments about the second scenario, where I propose that I become the author of Cory Doctorow's web-published novel, offer it for sale, and seek distribution.

The uniform response was that since Cory's book is offered under the Creative Commons attribution share-alike license, I am not "permitted" to change the author's name, or charge for the right to a copy. I put the word permitted in quotes, because the responders haven't explained why Cory's work is so-protected and my work, which is offered under a standard copyright, isn't.

In other words, the responders think there is a line. Aha! There are some things one is not allowed to do with another person's work. They said not only is it possible for Cory to opt-out of my creative rip-and-burn act of 21st Century artistry, but it actually requires Cory to opt-in! Well well well.

Does this perhaps ring a bell?

And since I haven't heard from Cory, I still wonder if it's okay with him that I republish his work for money and claim authorship of it, since I know he doesn't believe in opt-in or out. I believe his philosophy is "Tough shit."

Also, I haven't heard from the EFF about the proposal that they let me filter eff.org, replacing links, author's names, correct spelling, and edit their copy to be more agreeable to the entertainment industry.

This is so out of proportion is not even worth commenting on. Google Tool bar does not change the authors name, nor does it republishes the work. It is equivalent to marginal notes that the user puts in a book. There is no way for me to show a modified page to the world. Dave, do you really not see the difference? What I do in my own computer is one thing, what I show to the rest of the world is another. Get it?

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A good article comabting the FUD about virus on the Mac.  One thing to add is that there is FUD on the Windows side too, as in the Mac case, coming from mainstream anti virus sellers. Why do most anti virus software scan for thousands of viri if there are less that one thousend found in the wild? Not a single one of those is for Mac OS X. The worst you can find in the Mac is an Office Virus and most likely the Mac won't even spread it (just stay "infected" without consequences). It is possible to make a virus for Mac OS X, but nobody has done it and the possibility of wild spreading is very, very small. Part of the aim of all the FUD is to sell software and that's understandable, but another part is to protect the monopoly of Microsoft and that I really can't understand.

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I think this is no more than wishful thinking on the part of some that want Chavez out by any means. It is foolish to spread rumors like this because it makes the people that are seriously oppsing Chavez think that the work will be done for them and it will be easy. It is never easy. It just doesn't happen this way.

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I just found out that my good friend and academic brother Norberto Salinas passed away last monday.  I am very sorry to hear this news. Besides being and original mathematician, despite being blind, an excellent human being, he was an all around funny guy. He was the type of person that after you have listened to one of his talks in awe, not sure you understood everything but amazed at the profound results achieved, you could just go and have a beer with him and you would laugh your head off. Not a common combination. A deep thinker that didn't get hung up on thinking seriously and that wasn't conscious of his own stature and importance. His spirit carries on.

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Tyranny's Full Tank. How high oil prices hurt democracy. By By MARINA OTTAWAY. [NYT > Opinion]

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