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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Report: Sony PSP. Jean-Michel Decombe says it's good but no "iPod killer" [MacInTouch]

Why are people so desperate for an iPod killer? What has the iPod done to them? No, the PSP is excellent but is not an iPod Killer, the first sign is that it is not in the same category of product! An iPod can play very few games and the PSP can play very few songs. They have very different purposes.

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I see that Tim Bray has also switch from Safari to Firefox, but his reasons are very far from mine. I fail to understand his trade secret/blogging argument. I have already said that first amendment rights are not part of the lawsuit. As a matter of fact, in the case in point, no blogger was sued. There wasn't even a request of info from the bloggers but from their ISP. This is what the bloggers want to block invoking a journalist privilege that I don't think is there (not because they are not journalist, but because journalist do not have such privilege). There is another lawsuit involving Apple in which a blogger has been sued, this one for encouraging people to violate trade secret law. Is Tim saying there shouldn't be any trade secret law? Or is he saying that blogger/journalist (and, hence, everyone) are above the law? I really do not understand. He is going to start using another computer over this? And is not even Windows? I have only one answer: "Eh?" It would be good though, for someone like Tim to use Solaris or Looking Glass or whatever and start noticing why it doesn't work for most users. But for that he has to keep using a Mac. You need to see the Goal...

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Return of the Mac.. Paul Graham: Return of the Mac. A bit late, but I always like to see a new convert. [Hack the Planet]

I never left! To tell you the truth I thought long and hard about leaving in the mid nineties. I played with Linux and the Pro versions of Windows and found them more solid than the Mac OS at the time. What prevented me from changing was my heavy investment in Mac software and hardware. If Linux had been half as useful on a PowerPC as it was on a Pentium I would probably be returning to the Mac today. As it is Mac OS X has been such a pleasure, such an estable OS that I have to play with mobiles and portable game systems to have some of the old fun. I do too much with the Mac, rarely I get surprised in the negative.

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