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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Being a speculative article I shouldn't stump on it too much, but really the video iPod doesn't make sense. Look at the PSP, look at portable TVs, look at portable DVDs. Do you see a lot of the two latter devices being used? Despite years on the market they are nowhere to be seen in public. The PSP is a much better example. It has a big screen small enough to be portable, it has (expensive) movies being sold for it. You will see this device around, but I bet it will be mostly for games. Small video is a pain in the eyes and most of the time you can always wait to watch something in a big screen (that's why people still go to a movie theater). The only exception I can see is airplanes. There you have small screens and crummy movies, so perhaps porting a couple of movies to my PSP will make sense before a trip. It would be better than a DVD in my laptop? We'll have to wait to find out.

Update: The article makes the typical mistake of claiming that Apple blew it by not licensing its technology, but compounds it by saying it was Steve Jobs. First, Jobs wasn't at Apple at the time. Second, Apple did license its technology to Microsoft! Third, the consumer market is different from the business oriented PC market. 'nough said.

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I have change my default browser to Firefox. The main features that convince me to trade in Safari, where the find functionality and the better compatibility with most sites. Safari still has a better spell checker (being a Cocoa app. and all), but that is not enough to keep it. So if my misspelling improves and someone notices it, you now know why.

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One of my math heroes, Peter Lax, has received the third Abel prize. Here is an interview he did for the New York Times

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