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Monday, March 28, 2005

Did you know you could get everyones passport information over the internet? Scary!

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Just before my trip my 20GB iPod died. It gave a warning with a folder and wouldn't mount, that and the noises it made, made me think the Hard Disk had gone south (it had). Without much hope I went to the Genius Bar at Aventura mall. They guy confirmed the dead hard disk and asked me whether the iPod was under warranty, I said I doubted it. It was bought in December 2003 and replaced under warranty in August 2004. The replacement untis only carry a three months waranty. Surprisingly the guy knew it was a replacement unit just by looking at it (well, he is a genius after all!) there most be a particular serial number or something. So, by all accounts the warrantty should have lapsed in December 2004. The guy went to check and to my surprise he said he will replace it with a new one! So I got a new 20GB third generation iPod, hope it last. The sad tale is that my original 5GB iPod seem to have given up its ghost it won't start at all. Attempting a reset produces nothing. Any ideas?

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