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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dvorak, others weigh in on Apple lawsuits [The Macintosh News Network]
Proving that not only he does not understand computers, he doesn't understand anything! Can he even read? None of the quotes come from the judge's decision. The judge didn't say bloggers weren't journalist, he said journalist are not as protected as some illiterates seem to think. If a crime was committed, that takes precedence over the sources confidentiality. Particularly if the source is the suspected criminal! This argument is so simple that you really have to be bone headed not to understand it.
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Google X pays homage to Mac OS X. Google software engineer Chikai Ohazama recently noted the launch of Google X. It's an alternate look and feel for Google's search engine technology that pays homage to Mac OS X's Dock application -- in place of the usual text descriptors "Web," "Images," Groups," "News" and so on are colorful icons that appear to magnify as your mouse passed over them. At the bottom of the search Window, it says "Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X Rocks. Homage to you." [MacCentral News]
Why didn't they go Google XP, I wonder?
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I'm traveling tomorrow and the page may be down for several hours or even several days as my new Mac mini goes into service as a server. I am planing a mayor upgrade so it may be a while before I get everything working.
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Survey says PC viruses more stressful than divorce. Also: Martha connects with fans online. [News.com Extra] [CNET News.com]

Of course, keeping a bad marriage instead of divorcing is much more stressful. And that's what you are doing, keeping a bad marriage to Windows.

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