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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Virgin Electronics shutting doors. Succumbing to an increasingly competitive market, electronics arm of the Virgin Group hits wall. [CNET News.com]

Another one bites the dust! This is further proof that lies and FUD will not be enough in consumerland, no matter how well they work in businessland. Cnet tends to do things like this, I call them lies with interest. You see they claim that the Rio Carbon (5GB) is the most popular Mp3 audio seller. Sure, I mean we have seen a lot of those in the streets, yeah, yeah. This lie is so easy to debunk, because you see the interest behind it, a casual look at amazon shows an iPod in the first, third, fourth, fifth, eleventh, and fifteenth, position in the electronics category. With the Rio, or any other Mp3 player, absent from the top 25. Who believes such drivel? Who permits it? Have you no shame?

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So, a Mac Store Genius opens a blog to tell it all... After a few post it disappears. Is it a genius stupidity or Apple stupidity? I say the latter, what say you? You can still read two post in Google's cache, but hurry it won't last...
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Hans Bethe, Prober of Sunlight and Atomic Energy, Dies at 98. Hans Bethe, who discovered the violent force behind sunlight, helped devise the atom bomb and eventually cried out against the military excesses of the cold war. By By WILLIAM J. BROAD. [NYT > Home Page]

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