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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Last friday as I was driving to The BMW Road Show at Turagua my car started acting up. It lost power and was idling roughly. The culprit was the stunning piece you see here. I think it is beautiful. Do you know what it is and what it does?
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A picture named bloggerLogo.gifLucovsky's blog has gone 404. Editorial: Lucovsky shouldn't have trashed his former employer in a Google-owned space. But you don't pull the site because of that. You learn, grow, show your mistakes, do it better next time. Mark L's former employer gets it, Google does not. The company that owns Blogger has not one clue what blogging is about. [Scripting News]
Hmmm! I think that was premature editolarization... I wonder if next step is calling Mark Lucovsky a liar? No, his site is up, and everybody has outages. Blogging and news has become a source of non stop gossip where you don't know who to believe. You got to be more careful. The only reason the site is down is because /. linked to it.
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Napster raises revenue guidance. Company says demand has been fueled by MP3 players that are compatible with Napster's "portable" music service. [CNET News.com]

This is a typical case when an investor alarm should go off. They increased their guidance in 1 million $ to 15 million in revenue, not earnings, and Apple stock went down 4% as a consequence. But Napster spent 26 million $ in the super bowl ad alone! So, they are losing money! Never invest in a company that loses money and is optimistic... There is never reason for optimism, if there were reasons it would be realism...
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