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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Football: Newcastle 2-1 H'renveen. Alan Shearer helps secure a routine win that puts Newcastle in the last 16 of the Uefa Cup. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Go Newcastle!

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From the BBC, via Stefania, comes a freezing picture of a place we were just a couple of weeks ago. The Caption: "Brrr! Wouldn't fancy a game on this pitch"
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For us it was obligatory to visit Disneyland Paris. Our kids really wanted to go, so much so, that they didn't complaint about how cold it was all day and even force us into several events taking place outside. That means we only have to visit Disney Tokyo to have a Disney Grand Slam of sorts. It was an okey park, but definitely less interesting than the ones in Orlando or Anaheim. One thing that stood out was that it was much more disorganized than the other two. The lines were longer (yes, in the middle of the winter) and people were moving back and forth through it, the time calculation was off and not in the usual "underpromise overdeliver" Disney way. Was it because it was off-season and they were tending to the "cheap" crowd? or was it just a "Vive la différence " kind of thing?
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