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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some days in Paris you just want to walk around taking the sites in. Champ-Elysees, The Eiffel Tower and almost any view of the Sena are breath taking. Here are some of those pictures. Even though it was winter, there was a lot of people in Paris crowding everything. This seems to be related to two issues, first prices are cheaper than in warmer seasons so the budget traveler gets tempted. Second, lots of areas in Europe have one or two weeks break in classes making it a possibility to do just like we did, take your kids somewhere near. Even though I enjoy myself I will avoid traveling on winter time again. There are few advantages and a lot of little problems.
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Building Autos With the Same DNA is a very risky propositions for automakers. Most have done a terrible job at it, for example Fiat diluted its premium brand Alfa-Romeo by creating the perception that the latter were expensive Fiats. Audi has made a superb job at it. Keeping brand differentiation by trickling down the latest improvements through the lower brands in years instead of months. That way those of us who have bought a Seat feel like they got a cheap Audi, even though the current corresponding Audi model is much more advance than what we get, permitting the Audi owner not to feel it got an expensive VolksWagen or Seat or Skoda. GM and Ford have done a terrible job at this and their brands are all on the low side because of it. Without real product differentiation you can't sell premium brands. I, boldly, predict that this will be a problem for DaymlerChrysler in a few years. Meanwhile emblematic brands that have not taking the route of sharing designs with others, like BMW, are doing fine and have an extraordinary design perspective in the minds of the public. Mind share is more important than market share and the bottom line only counts when it is positive and increasing.
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