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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Google clueless like the rest. After receiving praise, including from me, for its handling of a blogger revealing finantial info, Google has secretly fired the blogger in question. "Do no Evil" is out of the window. Accepting a job at Google is now out of the question. I rather work for Microsoft... At least, they know they are evil.
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Apple's iPod everywhere at MS developer conference [The Macintosh News Network]
They are Offering the possibility of sinning a free iPod to Microsoft Developers in their conference. Je je. Good move. We know they like them.
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Apple suit is wrong kind of different. When Steve Jobs took the stage at Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco last month to make his keynote speech, suspense was thick in the cavernous hall. But it wasn't the standard "What will he announce?" brand of suspense that has marked Apple Computer's recent events of this kind. [MacCentral News]

There has been a lot of reporting in this issue but most of it is misguided. If Apple intention were to bring down the rumor sites it is pretty clear it has failed now. Not only did Nick Ciarelly got a great lawyer they also have the best defence. This is a frivolous lawsuit with intend to scare a small player with little possibility of defending itself because of costs. If Apple intentions is to go after the real criminal (the person that violated the Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA), then the lawsuit wasn't really necessary either...

I do not sign NDAs and feel they are more harmful than good, but if you sign one you have to abide by it. I do not sign it, because it is a blank check. Who knows what secrets they are going to tell you? How do you know it doesn't hamper some of your own ideas? What happens when you leave the company? Another problem is that a company never knows who violated the agreement. So everybody that knows ends up being a suspect that hurts the company more than any revealed secret.

It still bothers me that Apple gets singled out for these fairly common conduct of companies. The reason I think is that people see Apple as some romantic, hippy outfit that is out to do some good. It is not. It is a company out to make some money. It may not be as evil as others, but it isn't as saintly as others either. It is above average. I do not buy for a second that rumors are good for Apple or for any company. If the rumor is spot on, that's uncontrolled advertisement, if it is not, then is setting the wrong expectations. I also do not believe owners of rumors sites are fans of Apple, they are just trying to make some money. On the other hand I think this type of suits do no good to any company and no good to the world in general, so they end up being useless. In this case if Apple losses (and it should), rumor sites will learn they have no legal limit. Apple would do better to court them and convince them a decent relationship with the mother ship is better than a one time hit. And that if Apple manages to control its surprises it will do better and they can do better with it.

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