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Monday, February 7, 2005

Critics question iTunes/iPod longevity [The Macintosh News Network]

This is so misguided... They've been saying the same things for over a year, will they ever realize their mistake? First of all, Apple did license its technology... to Microsoft! And that is exactly how it failed! Second, Microsoft is king because of business PCs, those do not count in this equation! The consumer is king and Apple is big with the consumer. And it will keep growing. The Windows based music stores are ignoring a big chunk of users that can't use them, plus they have no differentiation whatsoever! When they really start competing, people will realize that if they get into Napster-to-go a 15$ a month, they can't change later to MSN-Music-on-the-road for 10$ without losing (or, worse, keep paying!) their previous investment. If they have to redownload the music they want, will they be happy? Finally, we'll start hearing the stories of the guys that went on a trip and didn't reconnect, so they had to go music less for the rest of their trip. You rent things that you don't want to keep forever... Music, you want to keep, because you want to listen to in 20 years. That will cost you 3600$ in Napster. If Napster still exist then... I bet people will see the difference in value between the two propositions. Movies you rent and watch once in a big screen, Music you own and play over and over everywhere (including in a CD in a car. Can't do that with Napster).
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Gates launch hit by name blunder. Microsoft may have to re-name a science initiative it launched only last week after a major science body with the same title cried foul. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Micro$ucks: Making the easy things, the hard wrong way! How hard is it to pick a name that is not in use? I mean, nobody at Microsoft thought of googling the name? Even an MSN Search gives the right answer (kind of). Notice how high the Microsoft EuroScience is in the MSN Search compared to Google. Could it be Micro$ucks is cheating? Again?
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Gmail gearing up for full launch?. People using Google's e-mail service now have 50 invitations to dole out, way up from the four they previously had. [CNET News.com]

Is there anyone that doesn't have a gmail account? 50 invites! I haven't been able to give one out in months! At the beginning everybody wanted one, now, what are we supposed to do with them? Google has executed this excellent. They have controlled how many people get in and avoid a rush of subscriptions. Compare that to the botch up job that Micro$ucks has done in upgrading its hotmail service to 250MB, people in Latin america still have to make do with a measly 2MB! Why? Is it racism? Is it plain stupidity? I don't know, I don't think I want to know...
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