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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Fanatical response of Windows Zealots to the slightest criticism
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13 New Windows Security Vunerabilities [Slashdot:]

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Unfortunately, Newcastle didn't beat Charlton, they tied 1-1. Terrible result for Newcastle and the game wasn't very good. On the plus side, we enjoyed ourselves, despite of the cold (all of us, except Marielena who has been in a terrible mood all the time (beginning of adolescence?)), and we got to see Alan Shearer, one of the legends of our time, play live. We had a bit of bad luck as the camera (an Olympus StylusVerve 4.0 Megapixel) ran out of battery very quickly, so the last pictures were taken with my Nokia 7610. The first pictures were mostly taken by Marielena. Here they are.
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I got very upset by this review of the Mac mini to the point of leaving harsh comments in Zonageek where I found it... They had to tell me repeatedly that it was a joke for me to get it! It is funny and very well done...
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The blog seems to be back online, so you should get frequent updates... I hope Radio wouldn't do that, worst I think it does it more often the more often I update! damn!
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Today we are going to St. James Park to see Newcastle United beat Charlton. It should be fun, but very cold.
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