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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

I'm traveling to Newcastle tomorrow to see my family, I will be there on Friday noon (GMT) and I should have no problem continuing posting there. Next week, on the 11th, we are all going to Paris, where my internet connection is uncertain. For all of you concerned, yes, they know about the trip in my new job and have no problem with it. Don't worry.
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The server seems to be holding on as long as I am not recording TV at the same time, we shall live like this until April when I'll get the Mac mini set up. Not only there is a shortage of minis, but if you want a special configuration (bluetooth or superdrive, for example) you can't buy from a retail store, you have to buy direct from Apple. I already ordered mine.
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This will be news in the future...

Micro$ucks is, again, acting illegally in its efforts to impose WMA as a digital music format. By not allowing any operating system, other than Windows, to access files sold in other stores, Micro$ucks is trying to extend its monopoly on Operating systems to a different market. This is illegal, but unfortunately, the government won't see it until it's too late (despite all the supposed over seeing that the Justice Department should do over Micro$ucks business practices). The terrible thing is that there are two options: They will succeed, again at the expense of innovation and competition, make a little more money and fuck the future again, or they will fail, in which case they have squandered good money on a plan simply because is what they always have done. That's moronic and I expect much more from Micro$ucks. If they want to get into the business do it right, WMA is a good enough format to compete on its own. Remember you made Internet Explorer for Macs too. Make WMA, Windows Media Player 10, and all those music stores compatible with Mac OS X and Linux. If you do, I'll promise to start saying that's the offering that give us clients more choices. I'll even buy my songs from those stores instead of iTunes (provided I can burn an Audio CD with what I buy). Please, Micro$ucks, do the right thing this time!
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I have always say Micro$ucks, a company that has let me down over and over again as client and as a stock holder, is full of talented intelligent people, so I am not surprised that even Microsofties know that the WMA-players suck hard, so, they bought iPods instead and are being critized on their choice, of course, the usual suspects are already denying everything... that, to me, confirms the story. It would be silly to deny that, just like everyone else, Microsofties are buying the most popular player in droves. But that's how they think, they send an email saying: "I'm sure that Microsoft employees are not buying iPods, or Macs or PlayStations." and expect not to hear cyberlaughter everywhere. Of course they are! They are well paid intelligent Geeks and know good products when they see them, that's why you hired them in the first place! Of course, if people think they can pressure employees into buying their inferior products (if they weren't inferior you wouldn't need the pressure), it is highly unlikely that they can make the amazing, edgy products Micro$ucks should be making. Microsoft should fired anyone that isn't familiar with an iPod, Macs, Play Stations, and so on...
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Google gets rights as Web site registrar. The search engine/e-mail provider/social network/news outlet/shopping guide also wants to register domain names? [CNET News.com]
Let the misguided yelling start!
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