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Monday, December 20, 2004

Everyone's giving Scoble shit over his latest letter to Bill Gates. I think it was Robert Heinlein who said you should pay attention when everyone is screaming at or about one person. Usually that person has a pretty good idea. Most ordinary people want everything to stay constant. Scoble is a revolutionary. That's why I like him. [Scripting News]

Ja ja. To think Scoble as a revolutionary is really an oxymoron in my mind, the guy was full anti-Micro$ucks until he joined the forces of evil, then, very quickly Micro$ucks could do no wrong. When it lost a battle was because of marketing... (yes, guys, face it, there is no way the iPod is a better product, it will fail Scoble has said so over and over... it must be true!). He is wrong about the iPod, but that's not the only thing that he has been wrong about, actually I am hard pressed to think of something he has been dead on about... He hasn't got it for a long time. He is a Tablet PC freak (there is a success story), he loves Windows Media (can't even realized what a huge mistake it is for these things not to work on a Macintosh, let alone Linux).

Now, it may seem that I am criticizing Scoble for this, but really, if that was all, I wouldn't even mention it. The huge problem with Scoble is that he has stopped listening to the little people, he'll listen to Dave, Doc, Tim Bray and a few others, but look at his reactions in the comments section, whenever someone says he is wrong with the same emphasis Scoble uses, suddenly he won't answer. I used to comment on his site all the time. I won't do it again, ever. Scoble said that I talked as if I owned the truth and, hence, there was no way to argue with me... In reality, I just said he was wrong about something. He thinks he owns the truth, and he doesn't not by a long shot... His way of thinking is too similar to the rest of Microsofties... Intelligent people all, but no revolutionaries.

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