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Monday, October 11, 2004

You may have thought they weren't coming... But here they are! The return of the pictures of Newcastle!
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F1: Coulthard wants to race on. David Coulthard says he will not retire from Formula One even though he does not yet have a drive for 2005. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

I bet he won't get a ride next year and that Brazil will likely be his last GP. Coulthard is an example of unfulfilled promise. He always had a top ride (Williams or McLaren) he was always number one on Jackie Stewar's list of possible champions for next year, but he only manage to win a few races. Overshadow by every single team mate he had, why was he regarded so highly? I don't know. Evidently he was a good pilot, but not top notch. He was too eager as a youngster and too conservative as a mature driver. He never made the right transition because he always thought he was on the money, due to the rides and the commentary he got from the start... Talking good about someone can hurt them... Will the same thing happen to Montoya, who is following Coulthard's ridesteps?

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