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Friday, October 8, 2004

Plane, Trains and Heavy Luggage

My plane ride here was good, my neighbor was a bore bugging me all the time and not letting me sleep, fortunately his last request was that I trade sits so he could sit with friends. I ended up sharing a row of three sits with a quiet girl from Colombia and we slept together the whole way, except from some turbulence loud enough to wake us up.

My experience with trains is still terrible. After getting to King X station with plenty of time to spare, my train was delayed. We left the station half an hour later and ended up in Newcastle an hour and 5 minutes late! So forget the "british punctuality" and try british train tardiness...

All this time I carried a 31 Kg (According to likely inaccurate British Airways calculations) luggage containing mostly winter clothes for my family... The story about the calculation would be funny if it wasn't so sad. The guy at the British Airways ticket counter told me that my luggage was 8 kg over the limit (of only 23 Kg) and that my carry-on weighted almost 12 Kg. He said the carry-on couldn't be used unless I manage to remove something and put it in my (already over the limit) suitcase so that my carry-on wouldn't weight more than 6 Kg. I argued that the only things in my carry-on luggage were my winter jacket and my laptop and, so, I could, at most, remove the jacket. I did so and he weighted the bag again, obtaining the surprising result of just over 6 Kg. He said "Your jacket can't weight that much" I said "No, it can't" (hinting at the logical explanation that the balance was busted). He said "Well, that's one heavy jacket!" and proceded to charge me with 5 Kg overweight on the suitcase (instead of the 8 that "it had" and allowing me to replace my jacket in my carry-on as soon as I left his sight, I mean, how dumb can you be?... Want to know how dumb? The same guy collected my ticket at the gate and didn't even commented on the fact that my jacket was again in my "almost 12 Kg heavy" very light carry-on....

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