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Monday, August 23, 2004

Controversy heats up over electronic voting machines. Companies testing new touchscreen voting machines refuse to discuss their flaws. By Craig A. Butler. [Ars Technica]

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The real international observers on the recall referendum in Venezuela

Electoral Processes and Procedures: We are able to confidently state, without fear of unfair bias, following close study of the CNE's voting norms and the Venezuelan Bolivarian Constitution, that the Venezuelan government, military services (Plan República) and its closely allied civil organizations (Comando Maisanta and Circulos Bolivarianos), did regularly and knowingly violate the Constitutional Protections, Electoral Norms, and Human Rights of the Venezuelan opposition electorate in a manner that is consistent with an attempt to change the election results. It is difficult at this juncture to tell if these tactics had any effect on the election, since the voters were so determined to withstand the intimidation, long delays and other tactics employed to try to disenfranchise them.
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Exit polls in Venezuela
The Chavez regime has been given a patina of respectability by Jimmy Carter and the New York Times editorial page that it almost certainly does not deserve. Warren Mitofsky was not involved in Venezuela, and is a competitor of Penn Schoen, but he draws similar conclusions to Schoen's. "I find it extraordinary that, with only one exit poll and no quick count, people are willing to take one side's word," he told me. "This doesn't smell good"
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We need more cats like this...

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