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Thursday, April 22, 2004

KILL BILL Game. Kiil Bill Flash game [del.icio.us/]

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The Photo they don't want you to see [From del.icio.us/]
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From The First Kiss Project

I could tell you we belong together
I could tell you you belong with me
But we've run out of things to say
And we'll be happy anyway, so
How 'bout another first kiss
- They Might Be Giants
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According to the Movie Waking Life if you think you are dreaming you have to turn off a light switch. I keep doing that, but it always turns out I am awake...
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Michael Jackson Is Indicted on Child-Molesting Charges. A grand jury in Santa Barbara indicted Michael Jackson on Wednesday on charges of child molestation, making it a virtual certainty he will stand trial, officials said. By Nick Madigan. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

It's about time Jackson went to court for this...

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In Investor's Pullout Stirs Doubts About SCO Group. BayStar guy sez "It was evident that Microsoft had an agenda." I still think this action of Micro$ucks was highly unethical.
[From The New York Times]
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B.D.'s Leg. I'm surprised there hasn't been more buzz about Garry Trudeau having blown off B.D.'s leg today (but, mercifully, apparently he's going to live). It hit me kind of hard; this is the first time that the Iraq war has injured a "person I know" and I've known B.D. for going on thirty years now. I don't suppose it'll change the political landscape any, but you have to admire Trudeau for taking this on head-on. Plus, on the upside, he also took B.D.'s dorky helmet off, and it was getting kind of tired after all these years. [ongoing]
I've been very much affected by B.D.'s injury. This is not the first time that Trudeau manages to pull a stunt like that and make a heartbreaking comic, but it never ceases to amaze me. More than any news report this puts forward the suffering created in the US by the war in Iraq... Mr. Bush Pull the troops out!
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Losing Our Edge?. Anyone who thinks that all the Indian and Chinese techies are doing is answering call-center phones or solving tech problems for Dell customers is sadly mistaken. By Thomas L. Friedman.

Other executives complained bitterly that the Department of Homeland Security is making it so hard for legitimate foreigners to get visas to study or work in America that many have given up the age-old dream of coming here. Instead, they are studying in England and other Western European nations, and even China. This is leading to a twofold disaster.

First, one of America's greatest assets [~] its ability to skim the cream off the first-round intellectual draft choices from around the world and bring them to our shores to innovate [~] will be diminished, and that in turn will shrink our talent pool. And second, we could lose a whole generation of foreigners who would normally come here to study, and then would take American ideas and American relationships back home. In a decade we will feel that loss in America's standing around the world.

[New York Times: Opinion]

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Day four of Hackers: Under the hood finds the one and only Kevin Mitnick.
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