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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

James Gosling: "We're not a bunch of moronic secret subversive Microsoft lapdogs." [Scripting News]

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People with futures.

THINK!Another point of view hit me hard listening to Bush bumble last night. Every day at least three or four young Americans are killed in Iraq, and an order of magnitude more Iraqis. What an incredible amount of misery. These people had futures. Maybe one of them would have gone on to be a senator or a doctor or a poet, dancer, thinker or peace-maker. Maybe they would just be people who would like to know that Barry Bonds hit 661. They were people with futures, but now that they're dead, no more.

[Scripting News]

This is the real tragedy of war and poverty. With hundreds dying and millions unable to do anything other than trying to survive, the world is missing out an inordinate amount of talent and capabilities. The tragedy is that we don't know what we are missing. Not only these people could become wonderful at something we already know (like the list Dave gives above), but they could have wonderful new ideas and approaches that now are lost forever... That's really sad.

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N-Gage QD - Nokia's Answer To The Critics? [Slashdot]

They change the whole thing! The New N-Gage (dubbed the QD) is not an Mp3 player, is not a radio, is not a Tri-band phone (dual band only), doesn't have an USB port. The only new feature is that now it is easy to change games. I hope they can sell it very cheap if not it will fail and with it support for my own N-Gage will disappear... Sadly, I do not want one of the new ones, I will stay with mine even with the issues it has...

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