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Monday, April 12, 2004

Hey man,
I'm the sand man.
And boy have I news for you;
They're gonna throw you in gaol
And you know they can't fail
'Cos sand is thicker than blood.
But a prison in sand
Is a haven in hell,
For a gaol can give you a goal
[and a] goal can find you a role
On a muddy pitch in Newcastle,
Where it rains so much
You can't wait for a touch
Of sun and sand, sun and sand...
- Genesis, Mad Man Moon
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The Silent President. It is time for the president to drop his political posture and speak out fully in public, both about 9/11 and about Iraq. [New York Times: Opinion]

I fail to understand what Bush is trying to do here. If he did all he could, then the attacks were unavoidable, What are US troops doing in Iran and Afghanistan? Wouldn't it be better, both for the sake of the country and for his own political permanence, to say something like: "We fail to prevent this, we should have. We will find out what we could have done to prevent this and make the changes necessary so that it doesn't happen again..."?

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How Rankings Rate. When you get past the top spots, most ranking systems, such as those in U.S. News & World Report, are meaningless. By Austan Goolsbee. [New York Times: Opinion]

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Legalize free speech. Sez Jeff, America is undergoing a mass mastectomy. [The Doc Searls Weblog]
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Microsoft: Not enough XPerienced PCs. Many companies aren't buying Windows XP--or they're buying the licenses but not installing the software. Microsoft's marketing machine is looking to change that as the Service Pack 2 update rolls out. [CNET News.com]

That's one of the monopoly protections at work, this time against the monopoly itself! (Oh! The irony!). Changing Operating Systems is not easy (even if the change is not a big deal) so people and corporations don't do it, preferring to wait until they buy a new PC... This could work in favor of Linux, if they ever get an easy to install, usable, cheap desktop system in the face of people.

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Is Google the future of e-mail?. Not necessarily, says CNET News.com's Declan McCullagh, who notes that there are more privacy-protecting alternatives to Google's controversial new service. [CNET News.com]

I have resisted commenting on this nonsense, but I can't anymore. Email is not private, people! (unless encrypted). The believe that once it reaches you there is control over email is naive. The sender has a copy so does other recipients. There may also be copies placed in dozens of Mail eXchangers or routers where your message passed through. From the non technical point of view, email is like a postcard not a letter. Any entity coming in contact with it can read it or even copy it. Don't put on an email what you wouldn't put in a postcard. If you want to make your email more like a letter use encryption.
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