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Friday, April 9, 2004

Apple responds to Trojan Horse Advisory. Apple Computer Inc. responded on Friday to an advisory issued by security software-maker Intego on Thursday. Apple said they were aware of the issue outlined by Intego and that they were investigating.

Late last night, Symantec Corp. said they were also aware of the Trojan, but noted that the virus has not been found in the "wild."

"Symantec Security Response is aware of the MP3Virus.Gen Trojan," a spokesperson from Symantec Security Response, told MacCentral. "It is a proof of concept Trojan that does affect the Mac platform, however it is currently not present in the wild. Symantec Security Response will continue to closely monitor this and any other potential threats to the Mac OS X platform."


Just like I told you...

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Blogging Strategy Funnies
What CIOs Don't Know On
Wednesday I found myself in a high-level strategy session (I'm optimistic, BTW, that we can make something happen fast). One really smart person said "Let's be realistic. Of the nation's CIOs, do you seriously think more than a couple know what a blog is?" A voice from the back of the room piped up "Hey, who cares? If what CIOs know mattered, we'd have no Linux in the enterprise."
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More on the Mac OS X "Virus." It turns out the Trojan (is not a virus) is a proof of concept (that's why it was called "Concept" Duh!). So it has not been release in the wild. A well connected friend send me the code. Harmless, of course, just displays a notice. As I said this happens only if you double click the file, not if you drag it on iTunes. The file has to be compressed or the code is lost (it is in a resource fork), this severely limit propagation options, as most Mp3s are not compressed (not a lot to be gain gain by compressing Mp3s since Mp3 is a highly non redundant format (i.e., well-compressed). Finally, even if a Trojan like this gets into a machine it can only affect files in the user directory, so a good back up is all that is needed and you already have that... right? Right? Right...
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