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Monday, April 5, 2004

Quicksilver. I never really got into LaunchBar, so I didn't expect to have any use for Quicksilver. But its clipboard history window comes in handy for blogging: to get the title and URL of a story into a post I can copy-copy-switch-drag-drag instead of copy-switch-paste-switch-copy-switch-paste. [Hack the Planet]

I am evaluating Quicksilver by Omar's recommendation (thankx, man). it is pretty cool, but a very deep program. The problem with that is that if you don't use it all the time you won't use it at all...

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Wired: "If we don't do something about increasing battery life, we're toast." [Scripting News]

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I have always wonder why there are so many cars with Apple stickers in them. I mean count to see if it is around 10% of cars... God game for kids during long trips.
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My site was down for a couple of days. It turned out my IP number had changed. My ISP never did promise that it wouldn't change, but it hasn't since August 2002, that's almost two years! I will watch it closely from now on. By the way if you see it down, most of my email won't reach me either. The best way is to contact me through email... AIM: aoctavio@mac.com, Yahoo: aoctaviov@yahoo.com, MSN: aoctaviov@hotmail.com. Contact me if you notice anything or if you just want to chat...
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Shia protests spread to Basra. Iraqis loyal to a radical cleric occupy a governor's office in growing protests which the US says will not be tolerated. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

By closing a newspaper, the US administration is showing their true colors... You fight ideas with ideas, you fight falsehood with truth. If you don't you soon find yourself fighting bullets with bullets...

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A Heretical View of File Sharing. What if the industry is wrong, and file sharing is not hurting record sales? A new report suggests just that. By John Schwartz. [New York Times: Technology]

Huh? This is the standar view of file sharing of anyone, not blindly related to the Music Industry, that have thought about the issue for 5 minutes... When you hear a son on the Radio that you like you buy the album, when you download a song that you like you buy the album... The people that do not buy the album are the ones that don't want the album anyways... How dumb can a newspaper be?

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