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Monday, March 29, 2004

Pedro in the comments points to George Carlin on religion. Yeah. that about sums it up...
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Web Noir revisited.

The main problem with search engines isn't with the engines themselves, or with any of their methodologies. It's with the haystack we call the Web. And the fact that it's a haystack instead of a directory.

Take every directory you can name. The yellow pages. The Sears catalog. The list of companies in the foyer of a high-rise. The library card catalog. The inventory at a book store. The student listings at a school.

The Web has nothing like any of them. Beyond DNS, it has no directory structure, and no directory. It's a haystack.

Of course, this is a virtue in many ways. The absence of a directory structure [~] a required way to organize everything to the right of the first single slash of every URL [~] is one of the graces that allows the Web to grow and persist as a wild and wooly place. Thanks to the absence of a directry, the Web has no hierarcies beyond the lengths of path names (/yada/yada/yada/etc.), which are made less hierarchical by the hyperlink. (Which subvert hierarchy, Dr. Weinberger famously says.)

[The Doc Searls Weblog]
Excellent writing by Doc as usual... I agree with what he says, but I would really prefer if people would stop considering the "needle in the haystack" as the quintessential unsolvable problem... It has lots of well-known solutions, here are but three:
  • Use a metal detector.
  • Throw the haystack into a pool. Look at the bottom.
  • Burn the haystack.
Can you think of another?
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Summit's Collapse Leaves Arab Leaders in Disarray. The exact reason for the collapse of the Arab League summit meeting, which was to open Monday, is a matter of some dispute. By Neil Macfarquhar. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

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