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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Nokia eyes N-Gage turnaround. The cell phone giant expects upcoming games to bolster lackluster sales for its portable game player. [CNET News.com]

I hope they succeed. The product is cool, but I'm having problem with mine. The tiny speaker that rings (with Mp3 songs!) is busted and makes a distorted sound when it's activated... That's sad... Not enough to change the phone yet, but sad...

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Opinion pieces like this, make me realize what is wrong with the world today. The writer is so self-centered in his opinion that he fails to see what is obvious. First, he justifies the war on Iraq, hence thinks every decent human being must justify it. But a lot of us are decent and oppose a war based on lies and deceit. It is not that we are pals with Hussein, is that we don't see why he is singled out among a lot of tyrants. It is that we don't like being lied to and we don't like when innocents die. So, 90% of Spanish people think the war in Iraq was unjust, but people concluded that the bombing changed the elections, as if the polls that showed a 4-5% margin were that conclusive.

The second mistake these people make is seeing this as East-West or rationality against religious fanatics. While some of us see it as one group of religious fanatics against another, with rationality losing all around. As the case about the Pledge of Allegiance before the Supreme Court of the US clearly shows. The lawyer opposing the use of the phrase "under God" in the Pledge said: "No atheist can get elected to public office." Neither in the US, nor in any Islamic country...

Until the rational atheists among us rule most countries, we are fucked...

Let There be Bright!

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Went to the center of Caracas yesterday, because my dear friend Carlos DiPrisco was named "Numbered member of the National Academy of Science" in Caracas. Who would have thought that a trip to the center would mean a joyous occasion? Who would have thought that pretty much everybody in the center and the subway was talking bad about the government?
Congrats to Carlos!
Update: There are thirty Numbered members in the Academy, Carlos is number XXVII, I felt kind of bad that it wasn't a prime, but then I thought, hey, its a cube! There a lot less cubes than primes between 1 and 30...
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Whoever doesn't believe in market forces is simply an asshole. In this "pretty" revolution, where people asking for elections, through legal means, are called fascist, where the government helps street vendors that violate the law and do not pay taxes while it harasses any entrepreneur that has or attempts to create a business, where speeches about communism and the nonsense of price and exchange controls are the rule of the day, I couldn't help but burst in laughter when I heard a street vendor in the main commercial strip in Caracas chant as loud as she could "We buy and sell dollars, we buy and sell dollars". Ah! Savage Capitalism achieved through communist means... Talk about Magic Realism. That's why Latin Americans are incapable of understanding surrealism in art... We live too much of it to see any difference...
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