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Friday, March 19, 2004

ThinkPad vs. PowerBook, Round 1.

Driving to Laptopia is my latest SuitWatch at Linux Journal. Comments welcome (at the bottom of the piece, not here).

[The Doc Searls Weblog]

Some choice quotes:

There's no doubt that OS X PowerBooks are filling a gap left open by the lack of Linux laptops from major vendors. Most techies I know who use PowerBooks on the road have Linux servers at home. And they're doing a great job. I wince to repeat what Blake Stone, the CTO of Borland, said to me when he demonstrated how his 17" PowerBook got on the Net over Bluetooth using a Sony Ericsson cell phone as a bridge to T-Mobile's cell-based Internet service. He said, "OS X is my favorite Linux distribution."

Desktops are appliances. Laptops are instruments. The difference between a Dell desktop and an Apple PowerBook is like that between a Kenmore washer and a Fender Stratocaster.

Managing multiple screens. When I plug an external monitor into the PowerBook, it autodetects it, sets the resolution if necessary and remembers the configuration for next time. Same with projectors. I want the same in a Linux laptop.

The last is the reason laptops don't run Linux. It is hard to think about buying Linux for a laptop when nobody does a presentation with Linux.
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I'm glad I've got skin, I'm glad I've got eyes
I'm glad I got hips, I'm glad I've got thighs
I'm glad I'm allowed to say the things I feel
I'm glad I got hair, glad I got ears
I'm glad I got lungs, I'm glad I got tears
Glad that I never ever know what's real

I'm glad I got lost
I'm glad I'm confused
I'm glad I don't know, what I like
I'm glad I got stoned
I'm glad I got high
I'm glad I found out I'm alright

I'm glad when the sex is not so great
I'm glad that I doubt, I know what they say
I'm glad when I get my girlfriends names confused

I'm glad I know how my life will end
I'm glad I don't have no common sense
I'm glad the things are wrong I thought I knew

I'm glad I'm a mess
I'm glad you don't mind
I'm glad you're better than me
I'm glad that I changed
I'm glad I'm not nice
I'm glad it's the way, it must be

I'm glad I can't see beyond myself
I'm glad when the conversation ends
It's good when it's bad, I'm glad it's not -
worrin' me

- David Byrne Glad from the album Grown Backwards
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F1: Raikkonen beats Ferrari. McLaren and Williams both beat Ferrari in practice at the Malaysian Grand Prix. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

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