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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

eWEEK: Sony vs. Apple [The Macintosh News Network]

Article translation: Sony paid Enderle to talk about them in a good light. Apple didn't. There, you don't have to read it... This has been a free public service.

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E-mails give peek at Microsoft strategies. An exchange of messages between a company executive and an investor, which is part of a Minnesota antitrust case, provides a rare glimpse into the way Microsoft works.

Some observers have likened Microsoft's lucrative operating system dominance to a "toll bridge," Raikes wrote in an exchange that was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. With a worldwide sales force of just 100 to 150 people, "this is a 90%+ margin business."

[CNET News.com]

Further proof you are paying for air when you buy a Micro$oft product...

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Diane Keaton Reflects on Keeping 'Em Laughing. Diane Keaton's latest film, "Something's Gotta Give," has become an occasion to celebrate Ms. Keaton's career, which has spanned some 35 movies. By Bruce Weber. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

Diane Keaton was my first movie love. I actually realized I liked her more than I liked Woody Allen...

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May I See Your ID?. Two areas where we could significantly increase our security with a negligible cost in freedom. By Nicholas D. Kristof. [New York Times: Opinion]

Why do people think that an ID has anything to do with security? The ID, in the best of cases, just says who you are not what you are, much less what you intend to do. Can anyone proof that none of the 9/11 terrorists could have gotten National IDs? (they obtained Virginia Driver Licenses by bribing a corrupt employee).

Security is about Trade-offs. You lose a lot of privacy with a National iD and spend a lot of money, what exactly do you gain?

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