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Friday, March 12, 2004

What's in Your Gadget Bag, Cory? [Slashdot]
Cory list of Gadgets is interesting and surprisingly similar to mine... I have different brand names and models, but pretty much the same stuff. The main difference I could find was the Palm. I have one, but I use it very little. It has been substituted by my phone which is way better. I keep it as a camera that I carry everyday plus my GPS. Here is my list:

Nokia N-Gage
iPod 20Gb
Olympus 3030 Digital Camera
Visor PDA with Eyecam digital camera and Magellan GPS
Victorinox Cybertool
Edge DiskGO! 256 MB Drive Watch
Powerbook G4 1.2 Ghz 15'
Viceversa mini umbrella
Assorted cables
MagLite Solitaire lantern
iCurve laptop stand
Apple Bluetooth mouse
Apple Airport
iSight Webcam
Virtually Indestructible Keyboard
El Gato EyeTV
USB night light
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Pictorial and Written History of Bell Systems [Slashdot]

The Bell System Memorial is a great site! "We may be the only phone company in town, but we try not to act like it." (popular phrase used by Ma Bell.)

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"Venezuela is the only country where a fascist opposition asks for elections and a democratic government denies them"
- Manuel Caballero
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"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter."
- Thomas Jefferson
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In search of the smiley face. Yale University scholar Angus Trumble traces the development of the phenomenon from early Greek times right up to the age of cyberspace. [CNET News.com]

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Microsoft Said to Encourage Big Investment in SCO Group. More evidence emerged about Microsoft's role in encouraging the anti-Linux campaign being waged by the SCO Group, a small Utah company. By Steve Lohr. [New York Times: Technology]

Microsoft keeps denying this, and soon it will deny it is wrong doing, but it is perfectly clear that the SCO soap opera of litigation is a collusion between Microsoft's interest in stopping Linux advance in Big Companies and SCO interest in hyping up its stock so the executives could get rich.

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Ground Zero, Madrid. Terrorists respect no national boundaries, political systems, ideologies or religions. The fight against them must be just as multinational. [New York Times: Opinion]

Yes, we are all madrileños now...

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