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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Sin Palabras

[From ZonaGeek]
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Scores die in Madrid bomb carnage. More than 170 people are killed in Spain's capital as the rail system is hit by rush hour explosions. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I've been struggling all day, about posting this. What can you say? Some say it was ETA others that it was Al Qaeda, I'm pretty sure ETA was involved, seeing how close the date of the election is, I think it's clear that's an ETA target. These attacks won't accomplish freedom for the Basque country, something they deserve, these attacks won't accomplish anything except increasing the suffering of the innocents. ETA has become an obstacle towards that freedom... That's my opinion. But the most important thing is the victims and their families, I can't imagine what they are going through, I wish them well...
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Violent Pong
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An Oops Button, or a Tool for Retrieving That E-Mail Note You Sent. THE speed and efficiency of e-mail can present problems for an impulsive person. A message written in haste can be dispatched instantly on a whim ( By Mark Glassman. [New York Times: Technology]

We must be in an economic boom again, because bullshit is flying high... People, this isn't email, you are paying 29$ to have your messages become a Web Page. Give the 30$ to your kid he'll whip you a system in PHP to do just that, never pay again...

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Good news on the soccer front yesterday, not only the national team (La Vinotinto) won against Honduras, but the venezuelan teams have won all the games in the Libertadores Cup, so far. Everybody points out that this is due directly to Richard Paez, Coach of the national team, who has given the venezuelan players a new sense of confidence. Good for him!
Go Venezuela!
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