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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I always like to look at what the technology adept people are doing and using, but this blew me away. The Ars Technica poll has Mac OS X Mail.app as the most used mail client (among the technocracy) with Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird as a close second. I use Mail.app mostly and Thunderbird if I am force to use a Windows or Linux box. But what I find interesting is that Outlook is not that popular, comparable to webmail or command line tools! My God, what does it say when the most popular client is rejected by the people in the know. Of course, Outlook is also the most expensive mail client... but still...
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Gates takes swipe at Apple, Linux security. With the MyDoom virus spreading rapidly Monday, Microsoft honcho Bill Gates points to the silver lining in such attacks and warns against complacency regarding non-Windows operating systems. [CNET News.com - Front Door]

I love it when intelligent people act dumb. To put it simply, there are two attacks that are always successful. One is the random attack (equivalent to checking for open car doors in a big parking lot), the other is a directed attack (I want your car (I probably hate you) and I'll do anything to get it). A random attack of computers has to target windows, because of its market share. A directed attack, once started, is only limited by the resources of the attacker.

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I just read the Letter to a ni-ni friend by Laureano Marquez, published last friday in Tal Cual. Ni-ni is the name of those who are neither with Chavez, nor with the opposition. I feel I belong to that group, since I won't go to marches and wouldn't vote for most of the people that have said want to be president. The letter appears reasonable but it has a fatal flaw. It assumes the options are Chavez or the Opposition, that is a gross oversimplification. Chavez is an option, but there are others in his camp that would love to take his place. The opposition is an amalgam of different options each with his/her own leader and agenda. If the objective of the opposition were to defeat Chavez they would already chosen a leader. But that is not the real objective. The real objective is to obtain power for themselves (as Chavez without rhyme, reason or plan), I don't want to support that. My vote is not that cheap. Chavez couldn't possibly get my vote (I know what he is all about), but neither can an opposition that refuses to plan ahead of "Lets get rid of Chavez..."
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Chavez to accept petition ruling. Venezuela's president says he will submit to a referendum on his rule if election officials authorise it. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

What ruling? If there is ever a ruling, which I doubt, Chavez has a shot of winning the recall vote. Which one has to admit is amazing, a president with more than 50% popularity after 6 years... That's why I feel like a foreigner in this country?

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Mac.Ars takes on the iPod Mini. Is the iPod Mini a rip-off at US$249, or is it a solid value? Mac.Ars sizes it up along with the competition and delivers the verdict By Eric Bangeman. [Ars Technica]

What can I say? I was wrong about the iPod Mini. Not only has it been the best selling item in the Apple Store since it was announced, but it has made the normal iPod disappear from the top 20! It seems I grossly underestimated the disposable income of most people and I grossly overestimated the number of songs people have in a collection. Don't blame me for that, I have over 2500 songs in my 20Gb iPod, but I haven't made a scratch in my whole song collection yet, I am going slowly. It seems people will buy the cheapest iPod, period. Who would've thunk it?

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