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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Macworld: Looking back on the Mac [MacCentral]

Macs turn up in the movies all the time -- not so much because of product placement, but because so many movie people use them and like them. A historian of the future, counting all the on-screen computers between 1983 and today, would likely conclude that Macs represented 90 percent of the computer market.

Alas, this is not so. But since any reasonable person would choose a Mac over a PC, Apple's market share does provide us with an accurate reading of the percentage of reasonable people in our society.
Roger Ebert, Moviemaker

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Editorial: Happy 20th anniversary Mac. "Though my wife still respects me, I really misuse her; I am having an affair with a random computer." -- "2000 Man," by The Rolling Stones Well, it's not really random, and after twenty years, I think it's safe to say it's true love. [MacCentral]

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The growing phenomenon of Internet. A CBC news report from 1993 looks at the growing phenomenon of "Internet." Jump into the Way Back machine and see the 'Net as it was over 10 years ago. By Eric Bangeman. [Ars Technica]
Watch this video! A network called "internet" and learn how it was understood then that it helps those of us that want to 'connect with others." Very cool. Of course, in Cuba they are still living before 1993...
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