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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Build a face The Journey of Man
[Thanks Miguel]
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Turning the bolivar into Monopoly money.


Central Bank Director Armando Leon gives a very simple explanation for how absurd (or is it stupid?) Chavez[base '] request to have the Central Bank give him US$ 1 billion  from the country's international reserves for agriculture is:


[base "]The difference between Venezuela and a game of Monopoly is that currencies have backing, thus using the reserves would imply that the bills in circulation would be similar to the bills in Monopoly[per thou]


At last someone explains it simply!

[The Devil's Excrement]

He, he, that's a good explanation. Of course, I always feel unease about dollar backed currencies, that gives the US a especial status and control. Perhaps we should go back to say that a Peso is a certain amount of gold (and avoid the stupidity of using the name of a person you admire (like Bolivar) for your currency and being force to devalue it (him?)). Even if you think of currencies as the country stock, it makes sense (companies do it) to own stock in "other" countries that are solid and with whom you have a close relationship. Chavez stupidity and the fact that people that should know better are pretending not to know in order not to criticized Chavez over this is proof of the profound moral corruption of Chavez and his supporters...

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