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Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Apple introduces iPod mini [The Macintosh News Network]

Today keynote sucked and nothing sucks more than these new iPods. At 250$ they are simply too expensive. The only reasons to buy them are the color and the size. For 50$ more you can buy a 15Gb iPod instead of a 4Gb one. Of course, Apple will sell some of these, young people will love them and they won't eat into the earnings of the 15Gb iPods, but still it is not exciting. Neither is the G5 Xserve, we knew it was coming and I won't get to use it... ever... Finally, the iLife family of apps got updated, but no free download was announced for iPhoto and iMovie (I do understand the rest are too big to download). Apple is changing iLife from a very nice hook into a 50$ a year vice for its users... I think the strategy will back fire as Mac Users fragment and do no t share features...

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Steve Jobs Keynote hasn't started and there is already something I want... sight
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Second Thoughts on Free Trade
[From The New York Times]

So Free Trade is good until it hurts you? This is just ignorance by convenience. Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations state it very clearly. There is no free trade (free movement of goods) without free immigration (free movement of labor). The current talk of free trade is developed nations trying to take advantage of undeveloped nations. Essays like this prove it. What is so wrong with cheaper, more efficient competition winning? Isn't that what capitalism and free trade is about? Sheeesh...
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