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Sunday, November 30, 2003

iPod's Two-Year Anniversary [Slashdot]

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Chavez alleges referendum 'fraud'. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accuses opponents of "mega-fraud" in seeking a referendum on his rule. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

The only mega-fraud in Venezuela is Chavez and his revolution. As one of the cubans send by Fidel to help said last saturday on El Nacional Newpaper: "You can't make a revolution with thieves, drug addicts and drunkards"

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Venezuela closes Colombia border. The opposition cries foul, as the government says borders must be shut to stop fraud in an anti-Chavez petition effort. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

This is just desperation from the government. With all the controls in place what they are describing is impossible. They are just trying to prop up fraud charges, but it won't be believable. Most people want this government out. Their only chance is to jump to illegality through a coup. If they don't do that they are out. Hopefully they will undertand and go quietly for the good of Venezuela.

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The Chant Not Heard
Sorry, but there is something morally obtuse about holding an antiwar rally on a day when your own people have been murdered [~] and not even mentioning it or those who perpetrated it. Watching this scene, I couldn't help but wonder whether George Bush had made the liberal left crazy. It can't see anything else in the world today, other than the Bush-Blair original sin of launching the Iraq war, without U.N. approval or proof of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

The flaw in this reasoning is that there weren't terrorist attacks on Turkey or Iraq until the US invaded Iraq. The US effectively transform a bloody dictatorship, cruel to its own people, into a terrorist state, cruel to all the people. To say that it is the fault of the criminals that commit these acts is naive. Bush and Blair are guilty of provoking these people and not provide protection to the innocents... Some say they did it to spare their own countries from attack, by providing easy near by targets to the terrorists, who cares if the innocent die provided they are not in the US and the UK? If that was the plan, so far it has worked, but at what cost?

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