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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Security: Finder Circumvents Root File Permissions. And another security issue: "Finder Authentication In Mac OS X 10.3 Circumvents Root File Permissions" [MacInTouch]

This, on the other hand, is clearly nonsense. The root user in a default Mac OS X installation is disabled. If you put your administration password you are acting as root (as if you used the sudo command) How is the machine supposed to know you (a sudoer) do not want to override the permissions of that file?

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Security: Mac OS X DHCP Vulnerability. Better review this important security advisory from William Carrel if you're running Mac OS X.... [MacInTouch]

The warning is poorly written, though it seems Apple has agreed it is a vulnerability and it will correct it. But if I understand correctly this is fairly minor. The attacker must create a DHCP server in your network, since DHCP is already available in most networks, this is not as easy as it sounds... Also, ldap was disabled in my machine by default.

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The Ten Biggest Spam Myths, man, I wish I had thought about that topic! Read that and understand it once and for all. I would add another: 11. You need to get rid of all the spam in order to solve the problem.
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A blog on Latin American issues, Southern Exposure is worth a read...
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