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Thursday, November 6, 2003

How do I know when I am right? People start calling me names...
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A bunch of things I didn't know on these Windows Tips for mac Users. I can't wait to start using some of them at work! I'm leaving now... [Via Scoble]
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Scoble says there is more to story about the blogger fired from Microsoft:
Alfredo: from what I've learned Michael was fired because he broke an NDA that was designed to keep Microsoft's business from being revealed. That's a security problem.
In that case, the guy is lying about the reasons he got fired.. That's not good... He doesn't have comments on, so I won't be able to gets his side on this.
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If I had made arguments like this I would have never graduated from High School. The number and timing of the patches are not the problem. The problem is (was?) a philosophy of development that didn't pay attention to security.
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Microsoft Could Never Get Away With What Apple Is Doing[Via Scobble]
First of all, Microsoft has gotten away with a lot more than Apple has... Security wise. Read any reputable security list to find important flaws with proofs of concept that have been known for years, but never repaired by Microsoft. Second, Microsoft Shouldn't be able to get away with things that Apple get away with. Microsoft is a Monopoly, which is not illegal, but does restrict the company from doing anything that could be construed as trying to use its monopoly to produce lock-in. A lot of people have accused Microsoft of using security as an excuse to produce lock-in. Microsoft should answer to that. This beating on Apple of security is just FUD. Mac OS X is the safest of the main Operating Systems.

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Free Trade Won't Free Cuba. Cuba has shown eagerness to open trade and travel with the U.S., but our dissidents are still sitting in prison cells. By Claudia MÁrquez Linares. Of course, all these senators voted in favor of easing the travel restrictions. Could they not see the irony in that meeting with Senator Conrad and with the Senate staffers were central accusations against many dissidents, because talking to American officials can be considered an "act against the security and the territorial integrity of the state"?[New York Times: Opinion]

Free trade won't free Cuba, but neither has a one sided embargo, so why keep doing it? It's been 40 years! What Cubans (both in cuba and in the US) have to realize is that in order to trade with americans you have to meet with them, including senators, so meeting with them can't be a crime. If only communist meet with americans, that's excellent, the rest does not need to change ideas, they do. And they will be forced to exchange ideas and explain the absurdities of the cuban economy.

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