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Friday, October 31, 2003

Bad things about Panther

I've encountered some problems with Panther. I am using Filevault, which may be the culprit, but it may also be Palm Desktop which has advised about incompatibilities (I have insisted in synchronizing since it was working. I have had the Finder become a zombie, lost preferences and have apps refuse to open until I restarted. It may be only my configuration, but I wouldn't use Filevault (I want to eliminate it, but I am unsure whether that may create even more problems). If you insist on using Filevault, I wouldn't let it "clean up space". Finally, I had a Firewire drive fail, but I think it is not the issue Apple has talked about. It's not an 800 drive and the drive works it is the enclosure that doesn't. Other issues around. DiarioX has been down with Panther related problems (it's back now, but email isn't working yet) and my wife had trouble with the second disk in her iMac. She doesn't have Internet Explorer, but other than that everything seems to be there... I really don't know what to do about that one...

In general, I am happy with the upgrade, but I will be cautious. I don't think I'll upgrade my server any time soon...

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Apple Will Be Patching Jaguar Security Issues [MacSlash]

Well, duh! Who said they wouldn't?

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Yesterday I had a terrible experience in what used to be my favorite restaurant in Caracas, Café Atlantique. I made reservations for a table to celebrate my wedding anniversary. Claude Troigrois, the famous chef, was visiting from Brazil, so the experience was going to be memorable for sure... It was... For all the wrong reasons.

To start off we got the worst table in the place, in a corner with a waiter's station right beside us. But that wasn't the worst of it... We were informed that there will be no wine with dinner. Why? They had a promotion with Moet-Chandon and were serving only champagne (very expensive). The worst part is we were offered Whisky or Baileys, but no wine. I like my meals with red wine and I thought the client was always right... It seems I was wrong... On both counts.

The service was subpar and there was also no bread (I guess they made a deal there too?), but these are minor complaints compared with the wine thing. I hope they made a bundle on that very expensive meal, but my finance training tells me that what they made that night is nothing compared to the present value of my future business. Alas, I'm not going back ever....

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