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Monday, January 28, 2002

A picture of my kids at Fano's Piazza della Fortuna (Italy).
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The Challenge of an Open Society. How will we use the surveillance technology of the present in the future?
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What if James Joyce had written The Lord of the Rings?
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Wow! How clueless is Palm? Today they introduced the i705 How does it compare? Well, the Treo, which does everything the i705 can do, costs $100 less (when you include the Palm's portable keyboard), and it is also a phone!
According to the New York Times, the i705 is Palm's strategy to attack the corporate market. I pity the company that over spends by $100 and doesn't get the phone!
Here is another article which seem to imply the new device will be a hit with Palm VII users (both of them!).
By the way the i705 is larger than the Vx, has only 8Mb of memory (which should be enough for most people, but for the price should have 16Mb at least, as the Treo does), it doesn't have a color screen, and costs more that the m505...
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Talking about iPhoto may make you forget about iMovie which is also an amazing piece of software...
Paraphrasing a story below: If you are at all interested in making Movies, you should get a Mac and iMovie.
If you need help here are some FAQ.
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