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Saturday, January 19, 2002

Okey, I'm going to tell you a secret, if you want to know and understand Apple and the Macintosh, you have to read Mac Weekly Journal (MWJ) or Mac Daily Journal (MDJ) (find out more at MacJournals). I am not affiliated with them in any way or form, I'm just a reader (a very happy subscriber to MWJ). They deserve a lot more recognition and success, so I decided to write this up. I know, it is not much, but if you tell two more weblogs and they tell two more weblogs and they... You get the idea.
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Here I am trying a Ferrari F-1!
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BBCi on Ive, Apple [MacNN]
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WSJ: 'Radical' iMac is "excellent" [MacNN]
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Wallace and Gromit hit the Web. Nick Park, creator of the feature film "Chicken Run," is reviving his original characters in 12 short films to be released online later this year. [CNET News.com]
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I am not reposting some of the positive reviews of the Treo. On one hand, there had been a zillion of them (so far, I've found only one negative), so I'm still positive about the Treo's future. On the Other hand, Handspring has indicated that they may get out of the handheld business. This is a compounded mistake. One: it is a mistake to get out of the handheld business and pretend to do only phones (with a handheld as the main feature). Second: You don't announce you are not going to do your main products anymore, now nobody will want to buy a Visor or develop a SpringBoard module....Silly.
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I haven't buy Radio Userland yet and the reason is I am having too much fun using the demo ("I have a month!", I keep telling myself). It's been a long time since this happen with a piece of software, especially one I don't fully understand, but it is so powerful and fun!
Updated: It turns out Userland uses DigitalRiver to proccess orders, this is a big obstacle since I have been unable to buy from DigitalRiver without customer support help... Their system is bad.
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I will start using Radio Userland, it is such a great product. I am posting the old news from my old weblog, in case you are looking for them... here they are with the right dates...enjoy!


The record companies, by law, get a fee for every blank media that is sold to consumers. This is to compensate them for possible loss of revenue due to copies made of music CDs. Now they are making CDs that can't be copied... Luckily a law maker sees the contradiction. This is the war Lawrence Lessig has described in his book The Future of Ideas. The book is long and hard, but at least read the New York Times review. Bold prediction: The US will loose this battle and it will hurt them bad.


Will the Treo become Palm's salvation or its ruin? It is a winner in all reviews!.


Another positive review of the iPod.

The Netcraft survey is up. Some interesting bits: Apache has over 60% of all sites; new domain registrations are down.


Scot Hacker (is that a great name or what?) did a write-up/comparison between Be OS and Mac OS X. Now, he has published a reaction piece.


Palm Desktop for Mac OS X is out! No more Classic for me! (or for you if you can download it. There are better links in the comment sections of MacSlash)

Sillicon Valley has an article about SGI presumed recovery. I never did get why SGI failed...

I just got a VisorPhone (a present from my wife) by Handspring. It is amazing. Not so bold prediction: The Treo will revolutionized mobile phones.

Why is it that every newbie guide to Linux wants to transform it into Windows 95?

I also got an iPod (also a present from my lovely wife, she does love me!), all the music I care to hear, always with me, every music fan will carry a device like this in a couple of years.

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