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Friday, January 18, 2002

So, Apple introduced the new iMac, I like the machine, but did it live up to the hype? I don't think so. Still some of the reactions are funny. I love journalists telling Apple to Think beyond the Mac and make products (like the Newton or the Pippen?) that are not computers... Yeah! that's the way to success... NOT! Others call the iMac pricey... Go to Dell to see how much a machine that can burn DVDs costs, about $440 more than the iMac, while you are there try to buy a clue!All this because Apple has small market share which, as Steve Jobs said, is still bigger than what BMW or Mercedes-Benz has. Maybe those companies should think beyond the car.

But the big winner this week has to be Dr. David Gelernter, he wants Apple to create a revolution not in the computer but in the way we use it... Wait a minute! wasn't that what Dr. Gelernter company Mirror Worlds, was doing? oh! but it doesn't work on macs only on Windoze, yeah, that's the future of computing! Is anyone using it? Has the company produced any money? Apple has! I love it when highly inteligent people write stupid things. By the way, Dr. Gelernter's opinion piece is nothing more than free advertisement for his failing company. That company has receive a lot of free press, still users aren't buying. Maybe they don't want to use the computer of the future. I certainly don't.

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Intel Q4 revenue down 20 percent [IDG InfoWorld]
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Gates Finally Discovers Security. Bill Gates' directive that Microsoft emphasize security features in its product is a major strategy shift, but some experts wonder if there's anything behind the words. By Michelle Delio. [Wired News]
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